Digital Papers Applications

7 reasons to use digital papers

When deciding whether to use digital papers or physical scrapbooking papers, here are 7 things to consider:

#1 – Digital papers are less expensive

Digital papers are generally less expensive than physical scrapbook papers. They ususally come in packages of 12, 16 or even more and there is a wide offer for digital papers packages under 5$.

#2 – No delivery costs and shipping complications

If you buy your papers online, choosing digital papers allows you to save on delivery costs. You also make sure to avoid shipping delays or complications.

#3 – No waiting: you receive your papers instantly

Once you check out, you can download your papers instantly. You don’t have to wait a couple of days to receive them, neither to go to a store hoping to find a paper you like.

#4 – Environmentally friendly

The previous points lead us to this one: no shipping means less environmental impact. Plus, for those who use papers digitally and don’t print them or for those who print only what they need, it’s even better!

#5 – Ready to be used for any digital project

The number of digital papers applications is huge. You can use the jpeg files you purchase for:

  • Card making
  • Invitations
  • Digital scrapbooking
  • Photo albums
  • Web projects
  • Backgrounds
  • Vision boards
  • Etc.

#6 – You can print them by yourself, as many times as you want

You can absolutely use digital papers for physical projects, typically for scrapbooking. The good news is that if there is one or several papers that you really love, you can print them as many times as you want! The jpeg files belong to you! Make sure to save them in a secured place on your computer!

#7 – Print on demand products

You like to have personnalized objects around you? Coffee mugs, phone cases, skirts, cosmetic bags, whatever you like! You can use digital papers on websites like zazzle to get a product with the design you want!


This design is included in my Father’s Day digital papers package. You can buy it here.


This one is included in my Springtime digital papers package. You can buy it here.

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